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Goodbye Düsseldorf and Hello Porto Cervo: Those of you, who have been following me for a few years now, might have noticed that I love to spend my summers in Italy. And those, who have been watching my stories lately, will now that I’m going to enjoy the whole summer there this year at the Costa Smeralda. In today’s blogpost I will tell you everything about my favorite spot in Sardegna, where to stay, what to eat and what to do.

Porto Cervo is definitely one of the most famous seaside resorts in northern Sardinia. It is a beautiful town with just a few hundred residents. In summer however it turns into a true celebrity hotspot. THE place for luxury holidays, parties, yacht spotting and all kind of social events. Beautiful beaches and landscapes, charming villages and amazing sunsets, Sardinia has a lot to offer for your perfect holiday. It is no secret that Porto Cervo is very expensive compared to other regions. Nevertheless I will show you both, the proper Italien luxury and a lot more affordable places.

Where to stay?

I love staying at unique places with a local host. Because locals are definitely the best tour guides. That’s why I love to stay at Airbnb vacation rentals. There is nothing better, than meeting locals, going shopping and living the real Italian life. However, If you are more of a hotel person, make sure to check out the following ones.

Hotel Nibaru
  • Hotel Nibaru is located in Cala di Volpe, only a few kilometers away from Porto Cervo.
  • It is set in an area of untouched and lush vegetation, peacefully and quiet.
  • The location is great: a 4 minute walk away from the harbor and the beach.
  • Super relaxed and easy 4-star hotel.
  • Very intimate and family-owned.
  • The hotel features typical Mediterranean architecture and has been renovated 4 years ago.
Hotel Petra Bianca
  • Hotel Petra Bianca is a very simple, yet elegant hotel in Cala di Volpe, only a few kilometers away from Porto Cervo.
  • It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and offers an amazing view over the bay of Cala di Volpe and the most famous beaches of the Costa Smeralda.
  • Super relaxed and easy 4-star hotel.
  • Most of the elegant rooms overlook the sea.
  • Very reasonable prices.
Hotel Cala di Volpe
  • Hotel Cala di Volpe is THE luxury hotel in Porto Cervo.
  • The luxury 5-star hotel is located in the heart of the famous Costa Smeralda.
  • The hotel features typical Mediterranean style, ceramics, materials and furniture.
  • Compared to many other hotels the Cala di Volle is very expensive.
  • The hotel bar (La Piazzetta Bar) offers a breathtaking view over the sea and all the amazing yachts.
  • For your real and luxurious Porto Cervo experience: spend your afternoon or early evening at the bar, order a refreshing Bellini ( the best, yet most expensive one I ever had) and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Where to eat and drink?

In Sardinia you can eat and drink on any kind of budget. And cheap definitely doesn’t mean bad in this case. Sardinian cuisine is simple, fresh and always pleasurable. Check out the affordable restaurants, I can truly recommend.

Restaurant Belvedere
  • Restaurant Belvedere feels as comfortable, familiar and relaxing as my own living room at home.
  • The two brothers and owners always await you with a really worm and friendly welcome.
  • They love to talk and spend the evening with their guests.
  • The restaurant isn’t tourist at all and is almost exclusively visited by locals.
  • A local recommended the restaurant to us about 5 years ago, since then we visit it regularly.
  • Belvedere looks typically Italian and the whole atmosphere is great.
  • The food is absolutely fantastic, yet very affordable (really good value for money!)
  • Fishermen bring local fish to the restaurant every day.
  • I can truly recommend this place, the fish, gambas and lobster.
Bar Baretto
  • Bar Baretto is located next to Hotel Nibaru and is perfect for some snacks and little treats throughout the day.
  • They offer delicious pizza, salads and sandwiches.
  • It is a super relaxed and easy place.
  • Whenever I stay at the Nibaru hotel, I love to go to Bar Baretto in the mornings for some fresh coffee and a delicious omelette (the best omelette in Porto Cervo)
Retro Risto
  • The Retro Risto cafe is situated a few kilometers away from the center of Porto Cervo
  • I really like the typical Italien, vintage-inspired atmosphere there.
  • The service is very good, the food is delicious.
  • nNothing special, but always really yummy.
Panino Giusto
  • Did anyone say Panini? Because I really like a fresh panini for lunch or as a little snack in-between.
  • Most of you guys will already know this famous panini place from Milan.
  • It offers anything from ham to fish, fresh antipasti and little snacks.
La Taverna Palau
  • Whenever I’m in Porto Cervo, I always make sure to drive an extra 30 min for my favorite food in Palau, because I can truly say that La Taverna Palau is my favorite restaurant in the world.
  • Pasta with grilled lobster, fresh seafood and heavenly antipasti – I love this place.
  • I love being surrounded by locals in a typical Italian atmosphere.
  • the owner of the restaurant is the most friendly and kindest person.
  • If you’re a seafood and pasta lover, you definitely need to visit La Taverna Palau.
  • Compared to other restaurants in this area, it is very pricey, yet worth every penny.
  • You can visit La Taverna for lunch and dinner. Make sure to call them up before you go, as opening hours may vary (please don’t rely on Google).
 La Kustera
  • If you like local Sardinian food and the real Italian experience, you need to spend an evening at La Kustera.
  • It’s located in Arzachena, about 18km away from Porto Cervo.
  • The restaurant is set in an ancient country house, surrounded by nature.
  • The family-owned restaurants offers genuine and fresh food from the region of Gallura.
  • There is no typical menu to choose from.
  • You arrive at the restaurant, choose your wine and water and the Italian experience starts.
  • La Kustera offers you a rich selection of authentic traditional dishes, family recipes and daily surprises.
  • Antipasti, pasta, meat and fish : everything comes on small plates for you to share.
  • The restaurant is frequented by locals and families.
  • Prices are unbeatable and the food is excellent.
La Place Art & Wine
  • If you like wine and Sardinian beer, La Place is the place for you.
  • The restaurant is situated in San Pantaleo with an amazing view of the piazza and market.
  • Delicious antipasti, high-quality wine and Italian flair.

In addition to the numerous affordable restaurants, Porto Cervo also has a lot of very expensive and luxurious restaurants to offer:

  • People who spend their evenings at Pedrinelli definitely like to play the game of seeing and being seen.
  • It is one of THE celebrity hotspots in Porto Cervo.
  • Sophisticated Sardinian cuisine: homemade pasta, fresh fish and seafood.
  • The food and wine is excellent.
  • Beautiful and fancy interior and flower decor.
  • It looks like a very posh wedding reception.
  • The perfect location to celebrate a special occasion.
Club Billionaire
  • Nightlife in Porto Cervo mainly takes place in bars or outdoors, but you shouldn’t miss the opportunity and spend a night at Club Billionaire.
  • The number one location for a fancy and super expensive night out in Porto Cervo.
  • The club belongs to one and only Flavio Briatore, the entrance fee is 100€.
Phi Beach
  • If you like beach clubs, you definitely need to check out Phi Beach.
  • It is located in the rocks with a breathtaking view over the sea.
  • Drinks are incredibly expensive, the nice sunset view worth every penny though.
  • Personally I prefer to spend my time in a quiet bay. However, if you are a party person and love watching other people, Phi Beach is the right place for you: DJs, celebrities and wannabes.

What to do? Beaches and Shopping

In Sardinia there are countless amazing beaches. During high season however, I would recommend to rather visit and discover all the pretty small bays.

Hotel Romazzino beach
  • What many tourists don’t know, the beach of the Romazzino hotel is half privat but also partly public. That’s why it’s never too busy and crowded.
  • It is such a pretty and quiet beach.
  • You can have a coffee or little snack at the hotel.
  • You have the opportunity to rent sun beds. It is quite expensive but very neat and tidy.
  • If you’re hungry, you can even ask the friendly guys from the sun bed rental to get some lunch for you. You have to pay a little bit more, but it’s worth it.

Porto Cervo only has a very small city center and shopping street, yet you will find everything you desire. Louis Vuitton, Tods, Prada, Hermès. If you’re into luxury and designer clothes, you will love it. However, please be aware that the designer collections in Porto Cervo are way more expensive than they are here. There is nothing you can’t get in Porto Cervo, except Chanel. For vague reasons, no Chanel boutique has yet opened. 
If you are looking for affordable streetwear (Zara, Bershka…) you will find a huge Shopping Center about 20min away from Porto Cervo.

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