My Newborn-Essentials

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My Newborn-Essentials

After my preggo outing, a lot of messages and questions have reached me: Why did I keep the secret for such a long time? How will I continue with my job? What gender is the baby? I have answered all of these questions in a very personal blog article. But you asked one question more than any other: How do I prepare for being a mom? The preparation involves check-lists, reading books and having long talks with my friends who already have kids. But to release the topic from its abstract playpen, I will try to make it more relatable by revealing my absolute favourite baby products. Only the essential ones – not less, not more. My personal newborn-essentials.

And because having a baby is overwhelming enough without having three different to-do- and to-have-lists from your midwife, your best friend and the baby store, I prepared the ultimate baby-shopping check-list for you. 

In the beginning, a baby needs a bed, it needs fresh linen and maybe a mini sleeping bag. While there are different opinions on which bed and which material might be the best one for your child, I would always go for a …

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Green on green

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The winter months of January and February always seem particularly long to me and as of now, I’m really looking forward to warmer temperatures. Check out today’s outfit…

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