My Pregnancy-Outing

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Within the last couple of months, I have slowed down and took a step back from being online, reachable and functioning at all times. I tried to use 2020, to concentrate on myself and the things that are most important to me: Family, Friends and Food. While a lot of you might have done the same, the world was rotating and seamed to spin faster every day with things happening that will find their way into the history-books of our grandchildren. With events and movements happening, such as Australian wildfires (remember those?), Black Lives Matter movement, the U.S. elections, and, of course, the pandemic, you might not have noticed my pulling back from public spheres, my newly-found, more professional rather than personal approach to Instagram and a lot of frontal fashion-looks. Others might have noticed, and pinned it on Corona. But I’m really happy to be able to tell you that it has about 20 percent to do with the virus and about 80 percent with me being pregnant! So here comes my pregnancy-outing:

I’m in my eighth month now and couldn’t be more excited or happy. 

I guess we need to talk

Whether it was planned? A little bit. What …

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Green on green

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The winter months of January and February always seem particularly long to me and as of now, I’m really looking forward to warmer temperatures. Check out today’s outfit…

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