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Becoming a mother, staying a woman

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While some new mothers completely get into the baby zone, the motto of my motherhood and pregnancy always was in line with the motto: „Staying a woman“. I never felt like becoming a helicopter mom or someone whose first and only reason to exist is her baby. Don’t get me wrong, my priorities definitely have shifted since giving birth. Every moment with Anna is completely new and exciting for me. My main focus is my girl, my boyfriend, my small family. But I am still me – and I’m taking the time to just be me and with me.

Keeping the balance

The first thing I had to learn to keep the balance between my own personality and my family, is to never measure myself against the super-powers of other women. At the same time, it’s equally important to give other mothers and families their space to find out what kind of parents they want to be. To never judge. Just let be. In other words, every mom, every child, and all of their needs are different. They can never be compared against each other. I had to teach this very valuable lesson to myself. So I am here to tell you to free yourself from the judgement of others. But especially your own. If you take care of your own needs once in a while, you will be more balanced and maybe even a better mom.

I talked with the German Vogue about new motherhood, special moments with Anna, and not losing myself, or my personal style. Therefore, I’m really happy to share the interview and some very special shots with you. This is one of the first professional shootings after my pregnancy. These Vogue photos make me feel especially feminine and empowered. It was so much fun striking some poses and reviving some high fashion looks. The editorial team perfectly summed up the experience with: „Becoming a mother, staying a woman.“

Exploring independence in motherhood with the Xplory X

While talking about independence in being a parent, I want to introduce you to this feature’s partner Stokke and one of my favorite newborn essentials, the Xplory X. The stroller is literally and metaphorically the ideal partner keeping me company on my quest for groceries, fresh air, and maternal independence. On the one hand, the Xplory X is made for moms like me. Moms who want to be stylish, authentic, spontaneous, and set for any eventualities – whether it’s Anna’s sudden nap or my coffee-date-thirst. The stroller is made for moms who love to enjoy their lives.

On the other hand, the Xplory X is amazingly adaptable – it isn’t only adjustable to your size but your lifestyle. It fits every family, no matter how different. And, thus, accepts that no one ideal family model exists. Stokke meets children and their parents on eye level, with its possibility to attach a car seat, its growing features, as well as its three seating modes: Sleep, Rest, and Active. The seat of the stroller is height-adjustable. Your baby can be elevated and its field of vision is increased. You’re physically closer to your little one, bringing you even closer emotionally.

It’s especially important to me that Anna feels safe and never alone: She can see our faces when walking through the city. We can easily reach her or her binky. And we can easily stir the stroller with one hand in order to experience its complete independence. The ideal metaphor for my personal style of motherhood!

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