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Within the last couple of months, I have slowed down and took a step back from being online, reachable and functioning at all times. I tried to use 2020, to concentrate on myself and the things that are most important to me: Family, Friends and Food. While a lot of you might have done the same, the world was rotating and seamed to spin faster every day with things happening that will find their way into the history-books of our grandchildren. With events and movements happening, such as Australian wildfires (remember those?), Black Lives Matter movement, the U.S. elections, and, of course, the pandemic, you might not have noticed my pulling back from public spheres, my newly-found, more professional rather than personal approach to Instagram and a lot of frontal fashion-looks. Others might have noticed, and pinned it on Corona. But I’m really happy to be able to tell you that it has about 20 percent to do with the virus and about 80 percent with me being pregnant! So here comes my pregnancy-outing:

I’m in my eighth month now and couldn’t be more excited or happy. 

I guess we need to talk

Whether it was planned? A little bit. What gender it is? This is going to be our little secret. Who the dad is? My boyfriend who I had for 10 years now. I’m not a pro in the field of becoming-a-mom, yet, so this is how I would imagine your questions, with the biggest one being: Why did you hide your pregnancy for so long?

the truth is…

The answer is four-parted: On the one hand, I like to keep parts of my life private. My boyfriend isn’t a part of my Instagram-stories like Switzerland isn’t a part of the EU or like Hedi-Slimane isn’t a part of the old Céline. On the other hand, I don’t define my personality on being a mom – or at least not entirely on it. I’m still me and I won’t put „mom-to-be“ in my bio. And since, at the moment, there are two more hands I can argue with, growing inside of me: On the third hand, with everything going on in the world, I felt like my topic was so small compared to very important political and social developments.

It just didn’t feel right to make a big deal out of it. It is a big deal for us, but it doesn’t have to be for you. And lastly, on the fourth hand, we didn’t dare to say anything before we weren’t completely sure and safe. This last point, probably is the most important one. Not only for me, but for all future parents.

We heard so many stories about pregnancies from bloggers, influencers, gynecologists or friends, most of them had a happy ending, but not all of them. And this is why we didn’t want to share our emotional journey of being happy one moment and being worried the next with more than a few chosen people. Only after the 12th week, the happiness slowly started to overshadow the worries and we started to tell our family and two of my closest childhood friends. So we waited for the world to fall calm and me to loose my fears. While the first never happened, the second arrived now!

the preggo-outing & future plans

Now that I can’t hide it anymore, you can find my official preggo-outing within the German Grazia magazine. The article doesn’t only show my best childbearing-looks with non-maternity-clothes shot by Lina Tesch but talks about a new way of being a mom, shows how empowering beautiful lingerie can be with Intimissimi and embodies my newly-developed interest in everything conscious, natural and sustainable like my make-up by Dr. Hauschka. As a little extra, the interview spills another secret.

I am now looking forward to getting settled in our apartment in Düsseldorf. To being inspired by my friends. All mothers that don’t adhere to a traditional definition of motherhood but find their own, modern and emancipated way. To hear your tips, experiences and advice. To show you a glimpse into my future life but never the face of my child. To keep on spending our summers in Italy, but next year with a baby. To keep on working but focusing on more selected cooperations. To get to know my partner, and me, even better. To not match any cliches. To eat sushi again. To lend, recycle and upcycle almost everything you need to have to be a family. To rely on essentials rather than on commercial excess and consumerism. To shower my kid with love. I’m looking forward to raise it as an independent and courageous person.





Coat – Miu Miu

Silk Dress – Intimissimi

Lace Bra – Intimissimi

Boots – Scarosso






















Blazer – Jilsander

Silk Bra – Intimissimi

Dress worn as Skirt – Jilsander

Boots – Scarosso












Suit – Jacquemus via Mytheresa

Pants & Blazer

Lace Bra – Intimissimi

Heels – Amina Muaddi




Coat – Prada

Bra – Intimissimi

Body – Intimissimi




Cut-Out Turtle Neck – Peter Do via Mytheresa

Knit Bra – Dorothee Schumacher via Mytheresa

Silk Bra – Intimissimi

Pants – Dorothee Schumacher







Blazer Minidress – Jacquemus

Bra – Intimissimi

Tights – Calzedonia

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  1. Karoline
    4 Jahren ago

    Ach Lisa, was für ein ehrlicher, schöner und privater Text von dir! Ich freu mich sehr für euch und verstehe deine Gedanken der letzten Monate gut. Du wirst schon die richtige Gangart für dich/Euch finden.

    Alles Liebe, Karo


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