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Berlin – the capital city that I visited so many times. Sometimes I am only there for one or two days for a specific event, sometimes I stay in Berlin for a whole week. I never have the time, to do some sightseeing or visit some galleries. Therefore I decided to take a long weekend, to explore the city with the Berlin Guide by Louis Vuitton and show you what to wear for the particular occasion.

t-shirt – Ariane Ernst
lace pants – Louis Vuitton
lace pants – Louis Vuittonlace pants – Louis Vuitton

back in the days

When I was in school, we talked a lot about Berlin, the german history and culture. We visited Berlin back then, but to be honest – I think I forgot most of the things, especially the important details about my home country. I think we can all admit, that we were never really into history and all these things in our school time. I am sure that you know what I mean here.


Nowadays we are traveling so much, discovering new countries and cultures that we totally forget about our homeland. Why not having a sightseeing week in one of our cities? Don´t you think it´s very important to know your home country as good as the ones you are traveling to? This is the main reason behind the story that I shot in collaboration with Louis Vuitton for Refinery29 Germany. You can read the full interview here. It´s about discovering Berlin, visiting hotspots and places that are cool and musts next to ones everyone knows. I had a little help by my Berlin babes and we made a tour based on my new Louis Vuitton Berlin City Guide. I am showing you what I wear to each spots and how I styled the current Spring/Summer Louis Vuitton Ready-to-Wear collection.

One of my favorite spots is the C/O Berlin Gallery and I am wearing a t-shirt by Ariane Ernst, cropped and knotted in the middle. Underneath I am wearing a body and these badass blue lace pants (both) by Louis Vuitton. I decided to leave the bag in the car ad only take my phone with my Louis Vuitton iPhone cover.

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