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Time is a luxury good! Especially nowadays while time is running so fast, you experience everything so quickly. You´re always on the go, never alone and want to share every moment with your online friends. But I am now more focussing on wearing my Sheen Bluetooth watch instead of using my phone that much!

It’s not possible to imagine life without your phone next to you. Always checking the time, refreshing your social platforms to not miss anything. Especially as a blogger, your phone is the most important part of your job. I always catch myself out by staring at my phone or checking Instagram while I probably should concentrate on the person next to me. On some days my schedule is so tough, that I can´t stop checking the time on my phone and afterwards I feel bad because it´s not nice towards the person next to you.

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sweatshirt – Play Comme des Garcon
leather pants – Hironae Paris
boots – Timberland
bag – Fendi
watch – Sheen Bluetooth 

Sheen Bluetooth watch

Therefore I started to focus on wearing my watch again and checking the time there before always grabbing my phone. Especially because the Sheen Bluetooth watch is linked to my phone, the time will always be right. There is no need to panic, no need to use your phone. I used to love wearing watches, somehow collected watches when I was younger.

But then with the development of the smart phones, it started to get more unimportant and unnecessary. So I started to more focus on the real world, the offline world and tried to rethink my behavior. Especially after the fashion weeks, I love to calm down, take it a little bit easier and focus on seeing my family and friends. Having the moment to check the time on my Sheen Bluetooth watch, Time is a luxury good that I love to seize every moment to the fullest. Therefore my outfits are more comfy and full of basic pieces, too.

My whole look

I am wearing a sweatshirt by Play Comme des Garcons with leather pants by Hironae Paris. I got the Timberland boots in NY and wear them more often now. I was always thinking of getting them, but then in NY and thanks to the Snowstorm – I had to! My bag is by Fendi and the strap by MCM.

In collaboration with Sheen – AD

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