My Daily Boutine Routine & Favorite Beauty Products w/ Babor

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Advertisement: After all of your messages and questions since my beauty campaign with Babor – I am showing you today my favorite beauty products. Especially my skincare routine changed a lot in the last couple of month and I am feeling super comfy in my skin…

#BABORFAMILY – Testimonial for Sensitive Skin – My favorite beauty products

I have to admit that in the last couple of month my whole beauty routine changed. I always placed importance on my skincare, but never really understood the needs of my skin. As a teenager I used everything for combination skin, just because I didn’t know better. And now as a grown up person, I used what I got and didn´t really saw a difference. And then I became part of the new campaign by Babor.

Everything started with a skin analysis, to understand what kind of skincare is right. Who does not know the feeling of standing in front of tons of skincare products, not knowing what to buy. The chance to just understand your skin by just looking at it, is really low. But know, after using the well-matched skincare products, my skin changed a lot and the best thing – I feel so comfy in my skin. If you missed the outcome of the campaign with Babor, just read here

Accept Yourself – Forever Natural

I prefer not to use a lot of make up, foundation and stuff to cover my face. Just because I don´t want to fill in my face with products that are not „good“ for my skin- it feels like I am „choking“ up my skin. Therefore I am putting a lot of value in my skincare and try to visit any of the Babor Beauty Spa´s every 6-8 weeks. My favorite beauty products therefore consist mostly of skincare. I tried to show you step by step what I am using starting from my morning routine to my daily make up and bed time routine. When I am going out, I like to highlight my eyes with some dark eyeshadow, my all-time favorite beauty products are the cream eyeshadow by Chanel in Silver Screen and Global Glow highlighter by MAC.



In Collaboration w/ Babor – AD

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