Valentino Butterfly Jacket & Sheen Bluetooth Watch

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Berlin Fashion Week is over and I would like to introduce you to my little fashion week assistant: the SHEEN SHB-100 BLUETOOTH WATCH. I already told you the main facts about the watch here but have to admit that this technical babe has more to offer – especially during the crazy fashion weeks. It helps to stay focused and in addition the SHEEN watch it´s a fashionable partner, too.

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butterfly jacket – Valentino
denim – Closed
boots – Zara
bag – Fendi
 watch – Sheen SHB-100 Bluetooth 

When the new season starts and the fashion weeks are coming closer, your life gets a lot more hectic and stressful then before. There are so many things to organize, starting with your travel planning, hotel booking, outfit planning and organizing when to receive what and lot more…The most important thing during these days is your schedule…So you better be prepared, otherwise there is a lot of chaos!

My personal procedure is always to enter everything directly in your calendar. Until I started to blog, I wrote everything down in my timer. But now I prefer to work with the MacBook Apple Calendar of course because it syncs with my iPhone! Every hour there is a different event to attend: wether it´s fashion show, a meeting, a showroom or fair visit, art installation or party.

The hardest part is to stick to your schedule – most of the shows are late, but the next appointment is not waiting for you. As I really hate to always check my phone – especially during a meeting. This is were my little friend comes in, the SHEEN BLUETOOTH which is helping me to to stay in time. The watch is connected with my iPhone via the matching Casio Watch+ App. The Bluetooth connection guarantees that the watch is always on time – ergo: I´m on time, too! The best thing for me is, that the SHEEN Bluetooth watch -although it has all the technical features, doesn’t look like it. The elegant and modern design matches perfect to my outfits and the rest of my jewelry. We all know the little things and accessories enhance every outfit.

In Cooperation with SHEEN Bluetooth Collection – AD

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