BABOR CAMPAIGN: My Daily Beauty Routine For Sensitive Skin

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In the last couple of years, my skin changed so fast and I started to focus more on my daily beauty routine. In collaboration with Babor, I am showing you today my daily beauty routine for sensitive skin.

What is your skin type?

Everyone has a different skin and I really find it hard to find the right products. Especially for me with a sensitive skin, damaged through environmental influences. As I am traveling so often, my skin is exposed to different weather conditions or dried out because of air condition in the plane for example. I always have the bad conscience and the need to take special care of my skin.

Therefore I am always taking my favorite beauty products with me on the plane and moisturize as much as possible. My beauty routine changed so much and I am super happy to have simply the best and most experienced beauty expert by my side now! Maybe you remember my visit at the headquarter in my hometown in Aachen, where I had a skin analysis to find the right products. Every skin is so individual that this analysis helped, to find the needs of my skin.

BABOR – my favorite products for sensitive skin

My beauty routine in the morning is slightly different than in the evening. Always in-between when I am feeling super tired and my skin feels pale and dried out, I am using the Stop Stress Fluid Ampoule right after the cleansing. It´s the perfect companion for your bag! So let´s start with my morning routine first:

  • I am cleaning my face with one of the very first products of BABOR (launched in the early 80´s) the HY-ÖL in combination with Phytoactive Sensitive for a gentle, deep cleansing.
  • The first step is to use 3-4 drops of the Ultimate Calming Serum, an effective active concentrate to soothe stressed skin
  • After applying the Dual Eye Solution, I moisturize my face with the Ultimate Calming Balm with SPF50. For me personally it´s super important to have SPF in my day creme and my skin feels pleasant and well cared.
  • As I am not using a lot of make up during the day, I am completing my morning routine with Luminous Skin Concealer (in 01 ivory).

Night routine:

  • HY-ÖL in combination with Phytoactive Sensitive
  • 1x per week I love to do a deep cleansing with the AHA 10+10 Peeling Gel – skin resurfacing peeling: leave it 10 mins before washing off gently with warm water
  • Then I start with applying the Dual Eye Solution
  • Afterwards I am using the Ultimate Calming Serum and then apply to the face, neck and décolleté the Intensive Calming Cream that brings dry/sensitive skin back into balance

Obsessed with my daily beauty routine

As you can see, I am really kind of obsessed with my daily beauty routine but it´s totally worth it! At one point in our lifes, we´re all getting confronted with aging skin, skin problems and blemishes. I am using these products for about 2 month now and really feel comfortable and better preserved with my skincare.

In Collaboration w/ Babor – AD

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